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Print Supplies: Recycling Policy

As part of our commitment to protecting the environment, we are pleased to offer our customers a FREE RECYCLING SERVICE  on all Toners and Consumable items purchased from our company.

PRINT SUPPLIES and OKI will provide Customers with a free toner recycling facility.  Currently, 97% of all materials returned through the scheme are recycled.  As an incentive to promote the recycling of its toner cartridges, OKI makes a donation to its corporate charity Save the Children for the toner cartridges recycled.  These funds go towards supporting Save the Children’s Education work for underprivileged children across the world

OKI will comply with our client’s approach to the implementation of this managed service. Our implementation policy adheres to strict Project Management objectives, which will be pre-agreed and documented.


Our business affects many different people – employees, customers, suppliers and the local community. It also has a wider impact on the environment. Even the simplest energy efficiency measures, like switching off lights and equipment when they aren’t needed, makes a real difference.

As part of the OKI Group’s Charter of Corporate Conduct, OKI continually reviews its efforts to provide environmentally sound solutions to its customers:

  • Our products are designed and manufactured with reducing the impact on the environment in mind
  • Increasing the number of our hardware products and consumables that are recycled is one of our Strategic objectives

We feel responsible for conduction our business in an environmentally sound manner, contributing to conservation and activities within our local communities OKI’s Green Leaf symbol is found on all products and packaging and represents our total commitment to the collection, recycling and environmental processes.

Minimising waste can also make a big difference. Simple steps like reducing the amount of paper you waste can immediately cut costs. You can save even more by thinking about waste implications when you design new products and production processes.

Caring for the environment can increase revenue too. There are all sorts of ways in which you can reduce the environmental impact of your business. For example:

  • Creating recyclable products
  • Sourcing responsibly (e.g. using recycled materials and sustainable timber)
  • Minimising packaging
  • Buying locally to save fuel costs
  • Creating an efficient (and fuel-efficient) distribution network

Working with suppliers and distributors who take steps to minimise their environmental impact. We are committed to strong business growth that is not achieved at the expense of the environment, and believe that all businesses should do their utmost to minimise their impact on the environment and OKI’s Smart Managed Print Services is just one way to achieve this.

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Print Supplies - Managed Print Service Donegal Ireland - New Printers Ink Toner Paper OKI

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