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UTAX 350ci Photocopier

Print – Copy – Send – Sort – Staple

The UTAX 350ci is the modern office pentathlon.

Are productivity and high colour quality a must for your department? Do you want to create complex print jobs quickly and professionally without waiting times and a long walk to the copy room? Would you like to archive comprehensive documents and find information fast using a keyword search*? If so, opt for our versatile, powerful 350ci MFP! It is virtually unbeatable in terms of speed, colour quality, ease of use and flexibility. Victory is yours!

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Diversity in high quality

Do you have high expectations for the quality of your printouts? Do you want to impress your customers with professional handouts? If so, the Utax 350ci is the perfect solution for you thanks to a maximum resolution of 1,200 dpi and the option to process different media with weights up to 220 g/m2. If necessary, you can also automatically staple and punch holes in your documents. You always end up with a perfect result in your hands.

Top speed for maximum productivity

Do you frequently print and archive comprehensive documents and lose a lot of time in the process? This is a thing of the past with the new Utax 350ci. There is a short warm-up time of 24 seconds and the ability to print 35 or 40 A4 pages per minute. Scan at a high speed: The dual scan original feeder allows you to scan double-sided documents at up to 120 pages per minute. The 350ci can also create text-searchable PDF files that make it easier for you to search for and find information.

Print Supplies - 350ci - Donegal Ireland - UTAX Photocopiers OKI Printers

Optimised workflows

 Do you want a wide variety of functions and a low level of operating effort? Do you also want to simplify your workflows? The 350ci is well prepared thanks to the large touch display and integrated HyPAS interface! It is possible to store up to 16 practical HyPAS apps to speed up your workflow. For example, PinPoint Scan allows you to scan directly to your PC folder or an e-mail

Print Supplies - 350ci - Donegal Ireland - UTAX Photocopiers